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Where is the love ?

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You know I still get lost in your eyes?
With your lips and your kiss and your hand in mine,
you’re all that I need,
and I promise I’ll sleep fine tonight
just knowing you’re here by my side.
Don’t give this up.

- you keep on running,
you’re running away.
I’ll be here waiting,
wishing you could stay,
but I’ll just remember the promise that you made.

I’ll keep on fighting,
I’m fighting for you. **

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“Somtimes I want to send you a link to my blog,
and just be like ‘this is how I feel, this is what you do to me.’”

“Don’t talk to me because you’re bored.
I’m not here to entertain you.
And don’t come to me only when you need a favor.
I don’t like being used.
I want someone to talk to me because they sincerly want to.
Those kind of people are worth my time.”

“Even if I had a million resons to leave you ,
I would still look for one reason to stay .”